TalentCom Media
Alternative To Facebook  and Twitter

Powered by SocialGo, TalentCom Media is an entertainment industry based social networking site. Membership is open to both amateur and professional people aged 13 years and older. Members include actors, musicians and children's entertainers.

SoundCloud Recordings

SoundCloud allows members to not only embed their recordings on their TalentCom Media blog but also view information about the sound, its creator, likes, comments and plays, and easily share the sound to social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

Publish To Facebook and Twitter

Probably our most popular feature is the ability for members to publish their TalentCom Media activity to their Twitter and Facebook account direct from the one social networking site.

Embed Online Videos

Without the need of uploading videos or adding embedded html code, members can publish online videos including Youtube and Dailymotion by simply adding the video url. The videos play direct on TalentCom Media.

Create and Join Groups

Just like Facebook and Twitter, members are able to create and join groups. Groups allow members to publish online videos (e.g. Youtube), forum posts, photos, website links, events and more.

Member Following

Twitter and Facebook (among other social networking sites) offer a member following feature and TalentCom Media is no different. Members can now only view the activity (main stream page) of those members they are following. The do not need to follow back.

Member Messaging

Members can only message members who are following them back. Once they have a message they will receive notification via TalentCom Media and by email, subject to nottifications not being disabled.


Our events feature (which can be found in every group) allows members to create and join events. They can also invite other members to attend an event.